Monday, 23 December 2013

Fashion | Kate Spade Spring 2014 RTW

This is my third daily post on a row. Currently I'm on my Christmas holiday from my University so you can guess I have quite free time (well 'ish' cuz of few assignments I have in the queue, but they can wait a while hehe)
Anyway, hello beauties. I was coming up with so many ideas that I will be blogging about in future and most of them include clothes and make up purchases, ootds, my obsessions or things that I'm currently in love with (which includes fashion runways, editorials etc etc) and few more of the times, experiences and pictures of my Nepal visit, and so on.

For me, today is just one of those days I couldn't be bothered to get up and take good quality photos for the blog, plus as the usual England's winter, its been super windy and raining whole day since morning. The weather forecast is showing both wind and rain warning this whole week sigh ~_~ 
So, today I decided to post about something that doesn't require taking the picture by myself - Runway shows,  that I'm currently in Love with.

Having said that, I have lots of other latest fashion runway shows that I would love to share about but hey, which fashion addict doesn't ! 

As the title says, today I have decided to post about a runway (not the proper runway, you will know why later) of Spring 2014 Ready-to-wear by the amazing Kate Spade, the designer who is ever so elegant but chic and has mind which knows how to design how a woman wants to feel elegant like. 

Initially Spade and her co-worker Joel Franklin launched her New York based design company called 'kate spade handbags' in 1993 where the company started selling out beautiful handbags as the name implies. Later, she eventually extended to include stationery, books, shoes, beauty products, perfume, raincoats, pajamas and eyewear.

Kate Spade and Chanel are very different brands that likes to do things so differently. 
This collection of Kate Spade New York expresses more of a story of her world travel tours. Her first stop of Europe trip being Paris, the collection shows some inspired pieces of gorgeous French garden. Beautifully printed peplums with cigarette pants equally chic and the abstract bougainvillea motif that is so much Paris! Next, some Capri-inspired eye catching lemon prints with 50s floaty skirts, full-skirted sundresses, fab capri pants and casual tennis shoes. The perfect trip ends in Monaco, where Kate Spade has brought some oversized sunhats into play, checker board clutches and nautical inspired dresses. 
Sticking with the flow of her inspiration, its not surprising to see the models enjoying the 'happy' look and posing on a luscious garden-inspired backdrop. As any other collection, the models weren't walking but standing there flaunting their bright outfits, spectacular accessories and the attention-grabbing polished nails.

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