Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fashion | HUGE Spring/Summer Haul (Asos, River Island, Fashion Union, Primark and many more ! )

Hello beauties, so today I decided to do a haul post (as I have been doing) of some clothes I purchased from spring sale. I'm first going to start off this post with River Island. Seriously when sale hits, River Island is one of the top shop that I target, god the costs are so pricy! As you know prints and spring season come hand in hand and as you've seen from my previous post, I just love the prints that River Island makes. I always droll over them but too pricy that I have to risk with patience for them to be on sale and hope that they don't run out of my size by then lol. (If I really buy something on River Island for full price, they have to be so worth it!). So here are the few ones I ordered from River Island and was so glad to have found my size when they finally hit the sale! :D

River Island
So the first one is this beautifully bold printed culottes. As I mentioned in my previous post, I ADORE the bold prints that River Island comes up with. This one, there was no way I would make a miss on top of that when it was on sale!. Only one down side of this trousers though, I would love if this culottes was rather a full trousers like a pallazo pants than cropped. Would really make a beautiful statement piece in the outfit.

I couldn't express how happy I was seeing this blazer available in my size when it finally hit the sale. Trust me if you are UK size 6 like me you know what I mean about the hardship of finding size 6 specially on sale times. This beautiful floral blazer with black stripes is one of the piece I had my eyes on ever since it became available on RI. Now I got this blazer for £25 pounds which would have cost me £48!

Next up is this retro printed orange midi skirt which I absolutely adore about how retro it looks the more I look at it and again is one of the item I had been committing my patience for the sale to happen to this. This skirt is also available on asos and is now on sale for £21 which I was planning to buy from. Luckily one time when I went to RI store to collect one of my delivery, I saw this skirt hanging on the rail just behind me when I was getting served and saw the big tag of £12! So yeah, I went to get my delivery but came out with another purchase hehe.

I got inspired to buy this Asos skirt  by seeing the beautiful outfit post made by Tie bow tie, Click here to see. This skirt is now out of stock on asos unfortunately, but I'm so glad I saw this post on time to order it before it becomes out of stock for my size.

Fashion Union
This is my first ever order I made from Fashion Union. As I saw the following three beauts on sale. First of all I should say I would give the rating of the delivery service from this company to be very poor. The delivery came really slow and when it came to my door, the qualities of the clothes didn't amaze me at the same time. Not to mention the sizings are also bit put off. It's quite weird as I'm normally size 6 and size 6 is normally XS, however they showed XS as 8 which was the smallest they did in sizes. So for all of these items I ordered XS anyway as I could sometimes wear 8 to have baggy fit but no! when I tried them on, specially the jumpsuit, I could hardly be able to pull them pass my thighs! The jumpsuit was super tight, the cami top had my arm pit fats showing due to being too small round the corner and the skorts had my back cheeks showing, Eek!

When it comes to summer time in Primark, I really gotto admit my obsession for the collections they make. I know a lot of ladies can probably feel me. I have mainly be obsessing over the jumpsuits in Primark recently, they are just lurvvvee. Strappy, crepe, zipped, cami, frilled and shirt jumpsuit, gotto love them all and not to mention the gorgeous prints.
So this jumpsuit is that one out of few others that made my eyes glitter. What got me the most obviously is what you could guess the Lovely Bright print that screams for summer. Just love the selection of these two orange and purple colours and love how they are equally bold and dominant to each other. I couldn't risk for this jumpsuit to be on sale and have a potential regret of losing my size so I got this jumpsuit on full price £15 but still its so much worth it! 

Next is this beautiful 90s style printed midi skirt which I already love for the print but along with that it has another vintage element on it which is this style of buttons at the front all the way. This skirt was originally £10 but got it on sale for £5 :D Another bargain find!
Eeekk sorry about the crease lol. 
All of these clothes weren't purchased on the same day! Not even the clothes that are from the same shop were purchased on the same day. For instance this jumpsuit below was purchased just the day before when I hit the new Primark shop in Canterbury, Kent. Loving it due to the size of the store as it's definitely bigger than the store where I live (Folkestone). I loved this shirt jumpsuit just from the way its designed even though I wasn't that much Wow'd by the print. So I added this jumpsuit with few other ones I was going to go to the fitting room with and I have to say when I tried it on, the fitting of this jumpsuit just Wow'ed me so much I HAD to get it! It hugs my body really well and sits everywhere perfectly that it shows off my feminine shape really nicely even though the jumpsuit own it's own looks more of a boyish chic than girly. 
Shirt Jumpsuit - £13
So below are few other ones I purchased from Primark. 
Assymetric skirt: £9

Palm cami: £4
Nautical top: £6
Basic Jumper: £6   Beaded necklace: £3
Chic clutch bag: £6 - £3

This was just another day browsing around just to kill some extra time I had before my work starts. So on that day I picked up a lovely floral (yet again) palazzo pants again lucky to find the size 6 yeppi, and was £13 on sale.

 Dorothy Perkins

How did you find my choice of purchases in this post? Do leave me a comment or even message if you want to know any particular thing about the post :) 
Thank you for reading again :) 
x Sabi