Sunday, 30 March 2014

Beauty | Recent MAC Haul

I'm mainly a fashion person more than a make up person. In fact the main reason I was originally inspired to start blogging was because of fashion more than any make up reason  (I Love OOTDs). Looking at my posts so far however, it looks contradicting lol, I look more like a make-up person more than anything lol. I keep having so many outfit ideas (Hell yes!), but it's just because of few situations such as time, right weather and so on that I keep holding myself to do ootd pictures outside. However I hope you look forward to my first ever OOTD post in the future (it includes one of the top from my past Primark haul post ^ ^ ).

Anyway, going to the title of this post, recently I purchased few MAC products which I want to share with you today.

The first one I want to share is this beautiful Raizin blush. This is my first ever Mac blush, although I don't own that many blushes nor am I a blush person. I think this is one of the must haves for brown to dark skinned beauties. It is matt and has a reddish brown shade that gives almost Carribean heat flush to the cheeks. Think about the clay on the hills of the South, I think that's the best way to describe the colour.
Got to love this eye shadow! If you have read my previous posts, you won't be surprised seeing browns here as I have huge thing for brown make ups (mainly in eye make-ups), and Mac has exactly the lists of brown shades I feel like grabbing-them-all. I have been meaning to buy this lovely Swiss Chocolate eyeshadow for time! and here it is by my side finally. Mac describes this shade as a ''Muted reddish brown'' and I think that's the best way to describe it. Swiss Chocolate has matte finish which I love as it is very pigmented and doesn't have a fallout issue like shimmery powder can have. The colour looks really beautiful as a base shade but works perfectly well as a crease shade to warm up and contrast other lighter colours. 
Next up we have Cork Satin which described by Mac is a ''Muted golden brown'' and although it is Satin, Cork applies as matte. Most girls use this mid brown colour as a transition colour as it is rather neutral but I like to use as base colour as well by layering it over and over obtaining a darker shade of brown than it looks in the pan. 
Corduroy is such a lovely brown that blends really nice and has a reddish undertone which I find very flattering. This perfect medium-dark brown shadow again with its matte formula it is really easy to blend. The pigmentation is absolutely fabulous and it's extremely versatile colour that works well on the lid, crease or outer V. For a quick look, I wear this wear this all over the lid and lightly blend cork on the crease as well on the top of the lid to tone down the darkness of Corduroy. 
A great shade of brown for those who love to work with warm tones like me! 
From left: Cork Satin, Corduroy, Swiss Chocolate
Last but not least we have these two gorgeous beauties: Heroine and Russian Red lipsticks.

Heroine: First of all, I have no word for magenta purple colour. Its just lately I have been into bold purple lips - there is something about it that screams edgy yet so stunning and feminine to me. Pantone announced this colour as a Radiant Orchid the colour of the year 2014! and it really couldn't be described any better. I have been hunting down to find the perfect purple shade lipsticks for couple of months now and I have to say when Mac introduced Heroine and when my lovely friend made me aware about it, my search had to stop it right there. This is the perfect shade to me. It appears a dark purple in the tube but when its swatched on the skin, there is a strong magenta presence. Its even more interesting when applied on the lips as it varies on the natural lip colour - you can see anything between medium to dark purple, bold purple to magenta purple. About the texture, it is described as matte however I can feel it is not so strong matte and can be a little satin which is good as it won't dry your lips out as the red Ruby Woo lipstick which is extremely matte (Gorgeous vibrant red, but hate the texture).

Purple lips can seem intimidating and seem like a difficult colour to pull off since it's bit different and most women are seen in reds, pinks or nudes. Here is a link to a post which I think is amazing where this colour is tried on in different women from different races to see whether its for you or not. Click here to read .

Russian Red: First and foremost, I love its deep red tone. It looks so classy and reminds me of a perfect 'Hollywood glamour red lips'. Of course will look even more glamorous with an art of similar red toned lip liner, it works well with MAC's Cherry lipliner! See here. But I have plenty of other red lip liners that I don't need to invest my money for MAC's one for this lipstick. The texture I have to say is its a semi-matte, so I suggest to put lip balm before the application of this lipstick. I've heard the shade seems to suit majority of people so don't be afraid of what skin you are! It will look equally chic and once its worn it stays put.

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing my make up purchase again. I know this time I didn't do any swatch pictures but if you want to see swatches of any of them above do ask me to in the comments below. 

Till then see you in my another future post xoxo

River Island Spring Print Collection Favourites

 I'm so in love with River Island's Spring collection this year. Seriously can't get enough of the wonderful lively prints that River Island comes up with every Spring/Summer. I'm a huge fan of florals, seriously florals never get old. And when it comes to bold printings, River Island is always there! From trousers and midi skirts to dresses and blazers, Oh my those prints, how would you not want them all. Also from last year, pastels have continued to become huge this year as well. RI is the high street retailer who doesn't step back to flaunt their new season wares all over the internet and the windows of their stores. Check out their full S/S 2014 trends/collections other than the prints. But here are few collection from their Spring print collection that I want to show you which I have been luring over. 
Enjoy x