Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Boohoo Jewelries Haul


Hamza necklace: Aliexpress.com / White Horn pendant necklace: Newlook / Elephant pendant necklace: Depop App / Gypsy Sun pendant: Aliexpress.com


Monday, 20 July 2015


Oversized shirt: Primark, Highwaisted jeans: Boohoo, Fringe bag: Ebay.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Beauty | Fragnance direct Haul

So I came to know about the website called Fragrance Direct where I discovered all I could have is bargain and bargain! Fragrance Direct is an online store which sells discounted beauty and fragrance products. Ever since I first discovered about this website I couldn't stop visiting this website every time I get chance to be on laptop in order to look out for every single products they have available that I would like to own. To order in one bulk, I had a good search throughout the website to see what's available for me and happy with the products I've selected. 

Beauty Products

So I will start with the beauty products I purchased. They are:

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick

Heat Wave (117) - £1.75Dangerous (113) - £1.75The RRP of these lipsticks as shown by the website were 13.50 so you save a whooping £11.75!! There are wide selection of shades in this lipstick however, when I googled for the swatches with each shade names only these two appealed to me the most so I gave it a go.

Next up I purchased are these lovely Bourjois products.

Little Pot Intense Eyeshadow 08 - £1.99

UNE Casual Matt Colour Lipstick M08 - £1.65

UNE Casual Matt Colour Lipstick M15 - £1.65

UNE Breezy Cheeks Blush B14 - £1.99

10 Day Anti Choc No Chips Nail Polish 26 - £1.10

This eye shadow is my ultimate favorite! I already own this eye shadow and have been a continuous use from me for lets say nearly two years now. I literally wear this eye shadow pretty much every day and I must really point out the lasting of this eye shadow is just brilliant. No eye shadow in such a small pot should last for that long when its being used pretty much on a daily basis! I previously bought this from Boots for £6.99 which I thought was quite pricey for a small pot but now I'll take back for thinking that as it is worth every single penny due to its brilliant long lasting quality. Even though I am still using my old one and is still going and there is no sign of running out, I still got the other one as looking at the whooping savings of whooping  £5 why wouldn't I?

Breezy Cheeks Blush B14: Formulation is creme and absolutely beautiful. The colour is a gorgeous brown with red undertone. I love the colour as the people who have read my past post may know I lush over brown tones that I may even use it as as my lip product. Normally I believe the price of this is around £8.99 which is quite heavy for me for a product like this but in this website I saved £7 which I definately couldn't go wrong with. 

UNE Casual Matt Colour Lipstick M08 & M15: Just two UNE Matt lipstick I thought might as well have a go while  grabbing the bargain. 

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish - Fushia Fever: £0.99

Bourjois 10 Day Anti Choc No Chips Nail Polish: £1.10I have a huge obsession over purple-pink nail polishes so I thought I would try out the quality of these two even though I own tons with similar shades. I haven't tried them on my nails yet so I don't know quality of them. The shade looks really lovely in real just like in the pictures. 

NYC Sun N Bronze Bronzing Powder: Montauk Bronze: £1.50

I included this bronzing powder in the cart as again because of the lovely brown shades it has to use as eye-shadows. (Those who read my previous posts may know why). The different variety of shades of brown in one pan just got me really excited to try out own their on and also to blend them together and see the result. Before I decided to go for this product (as the product was new to me), I did a good research on it and the swatches were really beautiful to me. The camera flash is allowing you to see the tiny amount of shimmer in the bronzer although in real, they really are negligible. Since its a bronzer, the powder is not as pigmented for eye-shadows so I tried on by putting many layers which works really well. I found out NYC does four different tones of bronzers and I believe this one is the darkest one which was perfect for eye-shadows. 

Jemma Kidd Lip Line Duo Neutral & Tailored Colour: Neutral and Brown : £2.99

This one is my biggest saving in here and probably my most favourite! The reason to purchase this was initially because I knew that Jemma Kidd is a pretty pricey brand so seeing the massive saving of £11 I wouln't resist, but also due to the brown shade that it was available in, I thought I would give it a try. The shade looks ever so gorgeous and the colour really suits my skin tone. Ever since I got my hands into this, it has now included in my daily basis make up products.

LipCote Lipstick Sealer 7ml: £2.99

The texts on the package says it all. I got excited seeing this product on the website as I never knew that coatings on lips even existed. On the side of the product, I like the way it says 'Kiss proof' lol. I was very skeptical about this product as I never seen anything like it before but since it was only £2.99 so I thought I would give it a try. After trying it on for few weeks straight, I can now happily say that yes it does work!! The lip colour on the lips stays for much and much longer even after your coffee and I can say that it is also kiss proof lol (Yes I tried haha). Along with Jemma Kidd lip liner being added to my daily basis make up, this is another favourite pick of mine that has been used on a daily basis now. For the job it does, I recommend this product 10/10! If you're considering it, it however might put you off in the smell and the tingelish feeling that it gives though. But I really don't think its much of a biggey as it only lasts till dries on the lips. 

Hair products:

I also ordered few hair products. I ordered the two different rollers that they had to try out as I've never had experience with them before. I am still yet to try the Magic hair rollers that's on the top which I am excited about. But I've tried the bendy roller that's at the bottom and I should say I didn't really like the curl that it gave. I came to realize the importance of different thickness of the rollers that they come in as these rollers were bit too thin for the type of loose curl that I am into, so I realized I should have to look for the thicker ones than the one I got in the picture above. 

Schwarzkopf 2 Sexy Volumizing Hairspray: £2.99

I use both of the sprays quite regularly. I've got really really fine hair and although no volumizing products I've tried so far worked that well, I wanted to try the Schwarzkopf volumizing spray just hoping the product to turn out any better. First of all, the spray doesn't stay sticky on the hair so that is one plus point. The spray does lift my hair up compared to natural but not as much or enough. This may be because I naturally have way too thinning hair :( . The most regular product I use to lift up my hair is Batiste XXL Plumping Powder (See here) but sometimes I also add this spray for the day to help the powder more and also because I don't want to run out of the powder as much as it comes in a small container. Overall I think this spray is pretty good due to its non-sticky quality and also it does work if not as much in mine due to my fine hair. 

Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Intense Leave-in Treatment: £1.99

As far as the jobs of these two hairsprays are concerned, I would say the Repair and Rescue Leave-in Treatment does more of its job than the volumizing spray does its. I use Repair and Rescue Leave-in Treatment after I towel dry my hair and it instantly detangles my hair, leaving the hair really silky and slouchy. Since I lately discovered about the products to lift up my hair, I always go harsh on my hair during the weekdays using volumizing products which leaves my hair really brittle and tangled by the end of the week, mainly on the scalp (due to the spray and hair powder). This leave-in treatment is an instant and nice little treat to the hair and does a wow factor to the hair.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my another bargain purchases. Let me know if you liked any of the products. Till then, I see you in next post :) 

Sabi x

Friday, 20 February 2015

Weaning day ceremony

This is quite a late post but I thought I would share the pictures and show you guys what I wore on my cute little niece's weaning day. 

I am from Nepalese origin and am Hindu religion. On a weaning day, in our culture we have a big ceremony where we invite relatives to celebrate and feed the baby a non liquid food from everyone's hand as an 'opening ceremony' to show that the baby is now able to start eating solid food. This was held few weeks ago and wasn't intending to post a blog about it at all initially. I quite frankly loved the saree I wore on that day and was getting a lot of compliments from my cousin sisters. I bought this saree in sort of in hurry from an Indian website called Craftsvilla and was initially scared it might not turn up on time but I was so glad to see they managed to get it delivered on time. The initial blouse cloth that the saree came with was black (due to its black borders). Since I didn't have time to  have it stiched, I bought a separate ready made blouse from a local shop in my place.
The half and half sarees (distinct colour/print on the top and bottom) are so on trend. I have so many colour combination I droll over in sarees. One of them is the combination of Fuschia and Blue. They are just lussshhhh and have the power to catch my eyes all the time. 

So here are few pictures I am sharing from the day.
(p.s. Sorry for the bad quality pictures and random effects, they were all imported from my Iphone). 

Get this saree from here

Sabi x 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Fashion | Sheinside Houndstooth Coat Review

If you're a Sheinside browser then I'm sure you've definitely come across this coat before. I had been eyeing on this coat from tiimmeeee and just love everything about this coat. This coat is with no doubt every OOTD bloggers favorite and one of the top selling product of Sheinside and other Chinese website who sells this coat. 

I always used to go through the pictures of this coat in the website as well as the buyers ootd post submitted in Sheinside wearing this coat. But I always used to end up holding myself back everytime I try ordering due to my dilemma about the sizes. Since its an Asian company I knew that the size charts were different to western size charts and you have to do some conversion to get the right size for you. I have ordered stuff from Chinese websites in the past but never the clothing so this was my first time which is why I literally took sooo long just to decide the right size and also since I'm super fussy about the fits in clothings. Even though I knew that you gotto go certain sizes up to meet your size requirements, but go how many sizes up exactly?, I didn't know. Ugh, yes they do provide the measurement details but god no they are never said to be accurate or even near to correlate the actual measurements in real. Dilemma was made worse when the reviewers suggested different things about the sizes from their experiences. Some would say going one size up is perfect, while others would say going just one size up is not enough and have to go two sizes up and so on. I know that different people have different preferences to how they want their clothing to fit but my dilemma was enough that I didn't want to risk it for the regrets by taking either of the suggestions.

So after waiting and waiting for my mind to make up the decision, I finally hit the Checkout button and ordered the coat while biting my lip and crossing my fingers to hope for good. Then after 3 weeks give or take, the coat finally arrived and I am now gonna say that I am fairly happy with the purchase. I am UK size XS/6 and ordered Medium and I am so happy that the coat fitted nice and decent on me and didn't look crazy like I feared as the consequences could have been anything. So in the end, me going up to two sizes was indeed the right decision I made!
So here is the long awaited coat and below I'll try my best to review about the quality and fit of the coat so that it helps those who are in the same page as I was. (I hated how there wasn't a single blog review about the coat despite of being so popular -_-).

  • The coat fits pretty nicely, and is definitely wearable with enough room inside. It is not tight at all which was the Main fear of mine. 
  • The main body parts we would be fussy about such as bust, shoulder and arms are all pretty much perfect on me. Non of these parts of the coat feel too tight or baggy. 
  • Therefore, if you are UK size 6/8/XS, I recommend to go for Medium! And those who are not UK 6/8, I recommend you going 2 sizes up like I did if you want to have decent room inside. In conclusion, going just one size up is probably not a good idea. 
  • I would rate the quality of this coat to be 7/10. 
  • First of all, about the thickness, it is fairly thick. As shown in the picture below, the coat is padded inside including inside the sleeves which makes the coat fairly warm. A lot of reviewers in Sheinside said the coat is more for autumn and definitely not for winter which obviously depends where they're from, but I live in South East of England and I can say I could wear this coat during winter in up to -1o (just a rough estimate) and stay fairly warm. However, when the temperature gets worse than that (which is very likely) I can't then wear the coat. 
  • One bad side about this coat I noticed straight after wearing it for a day was the coat has too much fluff that comes out way too much. In the picture below, it doesn't look much of a big deal but in real trust me it can be annoying when your scarf and the clothes you're wearing catches the endless fluffs. Plus it also makes the coat look a little cheap.
  • The pockets are fake! When the other customers were moaning about the fake pockets in the reviews I wasn't personally fussed that much about it, probably cuz my concentration was on other main things. But now after getting hold of this coat and having my dilemma all cleared out, I can see that the fake pockets can be quite annoying. 

The coat is padded inside including the sleeves which makes it fairly warm. 

The fluffs of the coat can be annoying and also makes the coat look cheap. 

So Overall, I am happy with the coat. Despite of other flaws, my satisfaction of how the coat's fit turned out was good enough to be making the other flaws minor for me. I think this coat is worth every penny (£30) and does the job very well. This coat is such a nice edition to my closet and gives such a chic sense to my outfit.
I hope I have helped you at some degree about the sizing if you have been planning to get this coat. And those who are considering or want to check out the coat then here is the link. It's sold for £30.37 and is available in size S-XL. Choose wisely :) . If you need to know anything else about the coat that I haven't covered just let me know in the comments below or message me and I'll try my best to help out. xoxo

Sabi x