Monday, 24 February 2014

Beauty | MAC illustrated by Rebecca Moses Brown Face Kit Swatches and Review

Hello beauties, I hope you're doing well. As usual I keep promising myself that I make sure I post as much and as frequent as I can to make that archive look more attractive! But sadly my uni life gets in the way. But I know next time I'm gonna post, I will be saying the same thing . Lol. 
Today I thought I would share you with some pictures of the new make up kit by MAC Illustrated by Rebecca Moses which I got sent from my sister from Hong Kong :D.  
First of all, I love this limited edition packaging. The packaging was created by fashion designer Rebecca Moses exclusively for MAC. The official black packaging is replaced with white background with sketches of gorgeous eyes, lips and black swirls. The product is adorned with the same design as is on the open ended cardboard sleeve that covers the product. Both the cardboard cover and the product has a beautiful, soft texture and feels so luxurious to handle. 

Just lifting up the lid and looking at the shades inside I was really amazed how all the different colours in the palette were so pretty as if they're complimenting each other. I think the kit is literally a neutral lovers heaven! with collective palette of each prettier than the next. 

So what's inside this kit?

A peachy blush that I gathered is a  MAC Melba which adds a beautiful sheen to your cheeks. Next up we have four bronze/neutral hued eye shadows. Those who have read my past posts, may not be surprised to know that the brown eye shadow in this kit is my favorite. The palette also comes with duo brush and a mirror which is always perfect on the go as well as two Mac lipsticks protected under the plastic flap. 

Mac Melba blush: The peachy blush described by Mac as a 'soft, coral peach' which I think agree with that. Even though personally not being a big fan of blushes, I think this shade suits most skin complexion. It is matte and I think it goes well with most make up looks as the shade is neutral and not too vibrant and noticeable. 

Eye Shadows

The four eye shadows are a perfect combination of matte and shimmer, light and dark. The only eye shadow that I currently use in this palette is the brown which is Smoked Sepia. I'm not a big fan of glitter and shimmer that much as I like my eye make up to be smokey and matt. Even though I don't personally use every other eye shadow, to those who are into these colours/texture, I want to tell you that they blend so effortlessly on the skin and also with each other. Either a ''natural day look'' or ''deepen it up and go dramatic for a night out'', there is obviously a valid reason for these combination to live inside the same palette home. 

This shadow is called Orb and has a matt texture even though it is described as ''soft, peachy satin''. The shadow has the tiniest amount of glitter that it hardly transfers to the skin so I would not describe it having the satin finish. I think I might be using this shadow as a highlighter for my brows sometimes lol.

All that glitters is described as ''beige with gold pearl'' has a goldy shimmer/satin finish look. The two pictures are taken in different lighting. This shadow has become the most hit for many girls but as I am not a fan of glitter at all, this one turns out to be my least favorite in this palette. 

Next up, we have Smoked Sepia which as mentioned earlier is my favorite. It is described as ''rich brown'' and is definitely how it looks and how I would like. Brown eye shadow is something I apply on to my eye lids to achieve that smokey but neutral eyes for everyday look. It is my all time favorite eye colour. Yes I mentioned favorite again.

Described by Mac as 'dark brown', last but not least is the Show Stopper that looks like the darkest shade in brown spectrum.

Lips wear
Last but not least in the palette, the kit comes with two gorgeous MAC lipsticks named Ravishing (top) and Myth (bottom). I love the little plastic flap that is there to protect the lipsticks from getting any fall outs of the powder.

Duo Brush

This gorgeous palette also comes with a duo brush - One end you have 275 SE angled brush which is perfect for applying the shadows over the eyelids. On the other end is the 316 SE brush which is a lip brush. Both the brushes are just amazing, with soft texture and blends the shadows and lipsticks really well. 

So there you are, my review of MAC Illustrated by Rebecca Moses Brown Face Kit, that I been planning to post for ages. Tell me what you think of this gorgeous palette, any yay or nay that you particularly have? And usual thank you for reading my post :)