Saturday, 21 December 2013

Ready for Nepal

Hey everyone. So I decided to write a blog again after a year Lol. And this is going to be about the my trip to Nepal (my home :) ) where I stayed for 4 months :D . I miss it already! Yes it was finally so relaxing to be in my Home Home when I'm settled somewhere abroad.

At London Heathrow Airport

Would kill to work in either of these heaven.

Ready to fly!! Deport for my first transit - Doha, Qatar. 

Outfit for airport. Before leaving the house. 

I went back to my home country after 3 years now and this is the second time I had been back. First thing I noticed as soon as i stepped out from the plane is the extreme hot weather! Yes I went back during summer time, and trust me going on a holiday in Asia during summer is a big NO from me. But due to my university schedule, the only time I'm ever free is during the summer leave. And I went around the start of the summer time where the season stayed for whole four months I stayed lol. The moment I stepped outside the plane, I could feel the heat wave straight on my face and my body, then didn't take a while to start sweating. Yikes! But whats good is seeing my hometown after such a long time, seeing how certain things have changed and how certain things were still the same around the place I lived in, the place I grew up.

Finally arrived in Nepal. 
Me and my family took a cab to head to the hometown we live in from the capital of Nepal, Katmandu. Its like we have two different Suns in England and in Nepal (or shall I say most parts in Asia). It was super boiling hot even with all the windows open while travelling due to the sun striking through the front window which resulted in super hot heatwave inside the car.We had to stop by so many restaurants in the middle for a quick cold drinks. Even carrying cold drinks in the car will result in warm drinks eventually lol. 
As you can see even the thin blue blazer I wore while leaving England has gone off my body lol. Even having your hair down would be such a big deal hehe. 

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