Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fashion | Primark Colourful Haul

Warning! This post contains a lot of colours and prints! 

Hello beauties. Hope you guys had a great holiday (even though it is quite late to say that) and are all back to your 'normal' life routine after the break. Last week I went to Lakeside shopping centre in Grays, UK with my other half and really enjoyed my quality time with him. First of all thanks to him for driving me there, this post wouldn't have made without him hehe ^ ^ . 

 Anyways, this is my first ever haul in my blog history and am happy to do about Primark. It was just a coincidence that whatever I picked up from Primark that day happened to have prints lol, which is why I decided to make a post about as the title implies. Hope you guys like my first haul.

Just Adore this print so much. I loved the choice of the two mixed prints they used in this jacket and how they go so well with each other without looking too over the top. I picked this one up from the sale section and got it for £10.

We might get old but florals never gets old now does it?

This beautifully floral printed lightweight blazer is so versatile to just throw in any of the basic look for the days you just cba to think of a stylish outfit. This one was also purchased on a sale price of £10. 

As I am going through the individual clothes and their prices, I have realized most of the purchases in this blog is actually got on sale prices lol, probably another coincidence there. This beautiful monochrome blouse with some red flowers sprinkled I got it on just £5!
This print is probably the most beautiful print I found where I had no second thought about buying it whatsoever. While I was touring around, the moment I had my eyes on this blouse, I thought, yup I'm Definately taking this! Just too beautiful this print is. I just love everything about the print - the choice of colours, the type of  pattern and just everything. This one I got it on full price £10.

Daisies are the ultimate symbol for spring and of course is one of my favorite in floral prints. Daisy prints have been big since last year thanks to mastermind of Miuccia prada and is yet another way to embrace our sophisticated side. In high streets, do expect to see everything from embroidered dress to jewelries to embellished bags  - all adorned with daisies.

Last but not least is the beautifully printed top that I got for £5 (yes i used beautiful again). Love the lovely choices of colours used in this print and how the print comes alive like a garden full of bloom.
Seriously, no matter how hard I try to not buy stuff from Primark, I can't help but fall for the prints they design to make me fall for it and give another go in the till point again lol. How did you find my choice of buys in this post? Any particular that you Liked/Loved/Disliked? Do leave me a comment or even message if you want to know any particular thing about the post. You are most welcome too :)

Thank you for reading my post :) <3

Sometimes I wish they didn't do sale on the clothes for opposite season and did sale for the current season's clothes.
Sometimes, due to this, is it just me or what that every time I shop clothes, come home, then the next day when dressing up I feel like I got nothing to wear. I wonder why then realize I shopped nothing suitable for the season of that time lol. It is now winter and all the shopping I did recently is mostly for summer/spring lol. 

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