Friday, 20 February 2015

Weaning day ceremony

This is quite a late post but I thought I would share the pictures and show you guys what I wore on my cute little niece's weaning day. 

I am from Nepalese origin and am Hindu religion. On a weaning day, in our culture we have a big ceremony where we invite relatives to celebrate and feed the baby a non liquid food from everyone's hand as an 'opening ceremony' to show that the baby is now able to start eating solid food. This was held few weeks ago and wasn't intending to post a blog about it at all initially. I quite frankly loved the saree I wore on that day and was getting a lot of compliments from my cousin sisters. I bought this saree in sort of in hurry from an Indian website called Craftsvilla and was initially scared it might not turn up on time but I was so glad to see they managed to get it delivered on time. The initial blouse cloth that the saree came with was black (due to its black borders). Since I didn't have time to  have it stiched, I bought a separate ready made blouse from a local shop in my place.
The half and half sarees (distinct colour/print on the top and bottom) are so on trend. I have so many colour combination I droll over in sarees. One of them is the combination of Fuschia and Blue. They are just lussshhhh and have the power to catch my eyes all the time. 

So here are few pictures I am sharing from the day.
(p.s. Sorry for the bad quality pictures and random effects, they were all imported from my Iphone). 

Get this saree from here

Sabi x 

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