Sunday, 18 January 2015

Beauty | Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder - Deep 4

Now I'm not a bronzer person at all, nor I am any of the make up person that is applied strictly on the face skin - Foundation/blush/concealer and what not. If you have read my previous posts, you may already know that I'm all about brown eye make up and gets me excited every time I see any brown, earthy-toned make up (whether or not the make up is necessarily eye shadows). Yep, whether its eye shadow powders or any other powders applied elsewhere, if its the tone that I'm all about for my eyes, it will make me wanna have as it gets me so interested to apply that tone onto my eyes.
With this note on mind, most of you beauties may be expecting a review about the bronzer on the cheeks as a whole so I will make sure I give the review about the product along the lines where it will possibly answer what you're looking for in the product as a bronzer. Since it's highly unlikely of me wearing this product on my cheeks (although I might still experiment, why not ey), one thing I know is that the powder is highly pigmented which is one of the main things I absolutely love about the product.

The bronzer is matte and it is not too red, nor it is too orange or too brown. It has sort of caramel brown-undertoned with smooth texture that blends easily. I believe this is the darkest tone in this collection which I think is perfect to warm the complexion of brown skinned beauties perfectly. Due to its pigmented quality, you can use a very small amount on your cheek and it can show up warming up your corner cheeks and glowing your skin. I absolutely love its sleek, black and glossy packaging which also has a huge mirror inside.

I like to apply this powder as eye shadow whilst using a dark brown eye shadow I have to tone down the colour and looks absolutely beautiful ^ ^ . 

Sabi ^ ^ 

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