Saturday, 24 January 2015

Silver is the new Gold | Boho Trend

 So I have huge obsession over Boho silver necklaces. First of all, when it comes to taste in fashion, I would say I am bit of one sometimes and bit of another at other times. By saying this, I'm mainly referring to the two different styles that I absolutely adore: Sophisticated chic look and mild Gypsy Boho look. I wanted to add 'mild' because I don't mean to go for proper gypsy look but instead as the fashion world calls it Boho-chic (or gypsy-chic or hippie chic). Yes I love to dress myself with sophisticated stylish outfit flopping out my heels but then at the same time style I can have my mood of styling myself drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences and putting them into a fashionable manner. There's something about these two styles that makes them so my kinda style and the reason why I can have two different moods in fashion.

Going back to the main purpose of this post, I wanted to share another haul post but also expressing my current obsession: Boho inspired silver necklaces. Not just necklaces but boho inspired silver accessories in general are huge this year which I am excited about. 
First of all if your're inspired by this new silver necklace trend then I do want to aware you about the range of boho silver necklaces that Forever21 has to offer right now. I fell in love with the one I purchased above which is this chic and earthy piece burnished pendant necklace set. One thing I loved apart from the design is that these necklaces were not attached together which means I could wear them separately whenever I wanted to. The necklaces feature a triangular faux stone, sunburst and etched pendants with hanging drops and I got them for £5. 
I mainly bought these necklaces to style them with my turtle neck sweater which is another style trend I'm super obsessed with. I wanted the necklaces, specially the etched pendant necklace to be bit bigger in real but didn't turn out to be so, which personally I'm not super fussed about. When summer comes, I can't wait to wear them with blouses, crop tops and maxi dresses. Throwing these necklaces with any of the outfits will help you achieve a effortless and laid-back look.
I bought this beautiful Tibetan inspired necklace for only £1.60 from a Chinese website called (I'll be posting my reviews about this website showing range of other products I bought from it in another post in future). Apart from its beautiful pendant giving bohemian vibe, I don't like how the necklace is so short. I would love if the necklace was long enough to fall around the area below my chest but it sits just on the bottom of my neck. The necklace is so short and just doesn't look nice where it sits, it would of rather looked nice if it was longer and rested on the tummy area below the chest. I know the next thing I would do is possibly replace the chain of the necklace with a longer chain of other necklaces, but the way the pendant is attached with the chain, it is not just hard to take it out but its also hard to assemble in a new chain. I know anyone who is good at arts like this is not much of a big deal. I will need find someone who knows how to do this job nicely as I am personally no good at these kinda things lol. Otherwise, its just a beautiful necklace, the quality is definitely nice for the price of £1.60 and I will be keeping the necklace throughout until i find a way to make the length better. But if you guys have any suggestions for me then PLEASE let me know :).

Sabi x

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